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Why Learn Vietnamese Here?

There are many books and online resources that teach us almost any language we'd like to learn. And it's observed that a vast majority, if not all, of them take the approach of language description. In other words, if you want to learn Vietnamese, for instance, what they provide is basically: "This is the set containing most of the Vietnamese grammar rules, go learn it."

I think that would be like, say, you want to go to Nha Trang, a famous beach city in Vietnam. And what they give you is "Welcome to Nha Trang. It's a beautiful beach city with a nice weather and friendly local people. And that explains why in recent years, it holds a lot of international beauty contests. To go there, you'll fly first to Ho Chi Minh City (HCM City), and then you can take a flight, a train or a coach to reach Nha Trang."

That's helpful. The only problem is after reading those nice words, you'll still need to go somewhere else to figure out how you can get to HCM City! Actually they can't be blamed for not having provided further information about how to get to HCM City since they don't know where you would fly from. If you are to fly from New York, you may need to transit somewhere, while if you fly from Tokyo, there are non-stop flights. But why don't they make all that information available for you? Because it involves different airlines in different cities of different countries and flight schedules these days change quite often! In short, it's not simple to gather all the useful information you need in one place.

That's the same with learning languages! They don't know what's your native language is, so they can't tell you how to learn Vietnamese from your native language. They can only tell you: "This is Vietnamese (as we know it) and depending on your native language, try to figure out how to best learn this set of rules yourself".

This is still fine for experienced language learners or people who have time on their side or with very good memory. Since we don't always afford the last two options, you would agree that it's best to become experienced language learners.

And that's the reason why this site is created: to help you learn Vietnamese as fast as possible by leveraging your knowledge of English. And at the very same time, it's also very likely that the way YourVietnamese introduces you to Vietnamese would also make you familiar with the process of learning a new language so that you would be more interested in learning new languages and being able to learn them faster and faster.

And like nowhere else, we introduce you the authentic Vietnamese that is used by Vietnamese people, not the Vietnamese that exists only in books that no one speaks in real life. And we can do that because we are a team of native Vietnamese who are fluent in a variety of languages. This allows us to understand how to introduce the materials in a way that is more natural and easy for English speakers to learn.

The mission of YourVietnamese.com/Language is then clear: help you learn Vietnamese online free, fast and correctly in a way that can be applied to learning other languages.

Indeed, you'll find that learn Vietnamese online, fast and free for both complete beginners and advanced learners is only available at YourVietnamese.com. And this is why YourVietnamese is featured at prominent sites such as:

among many others.

Right now, the main contents include the Express Grammar, Express Vocabulary and How to Say. These areas provide you with a quick yet intimiate understanding of the essential aspects of Vietnamese Language.

But first of all, you probably want to have a high-level introduction to Vietnamese Language.


Hello there, I'm Paul. As there aren't many useful sites around to help you learn Vietnamese, with the great help of the budding designer Rex and excellent Alice, YourVietnamese.com/language is born to assist you.

I have written the aritcles to the best of my abilities with a clear goal in mind: help you learn Vietnamese fast. As an enthusiastic language learner myself, I can personally understand how a good set of tutorials can make quite a difference, in learning languages or other subjects. Just look at Khan Academy.

If you have any questions about Vietnamese, please post them on YourVietnamese Facebook Page.

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I wish you all the best.

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