First of all, thanks for learning Vietnamese. It’s easy to understand why I and millions of others are learning English, but I really appreciate that you’re learning Vietnamese, to know more about a small country in Southeast Asia.

The main purpose of this site is to give a helping hand in your journey of learning Vietnamese. The site has covered all essential topics related to the basics of Vietnamese, yet there are a great many topics it hasn’t covered yet, so please do let me know if you need any guide on a new topic: I’d try to prepare them if there’re enough requests.

For any particular posts, if there’s anything that you find unclear or if you need more explanations, please leave a comment at the bottom of the post.


Hi, my name is Peter (Vietnamese name: Hưng).

Thank you.

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4 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi Peter- I found your website when I was searching for help on a Vietnamese grammar question. I am learning Vietnamese in order to connect with my wife, a native Vietnamese speaker. I am using Duolingo as my study tool. My most recent challenge is understanding himself/myself/yourself- when to use tu, tu minh, tu…ban than. It’s a challenging and rewarding process. I’m happy to virtually meet you.

    1. Thanks Jonathon and glad you’re making progress in communicating in Vietnamese with your wife.

      If there’s anything that’s unclear or any questions you want to ask please feel free to write in the Comments section of any post.

  2. Hello. Do you give private lessons? I would like to learn Vietnamese. I can’t find a reliable teacher. Being native is not enough, as I like to ask many questions “why is it like this? Why isn’t it working like this?” and many of my friends can’t give me an answer. But you seem to know a lot about your language.

    I am living in hcmc. I have been here for almost 3 years, and I shamefully have to admit that my vn level is really bad. And I’d like to improve it with someone as competent as you.

    Please send me an email

    1. Hi Frangan,

      It seems your Vietnamese is advanced that your friends aren’t able to answer you.

      Thanks for your compliments. I don’t give private lessons, unfortunately. But if you have any WHY questions, please feel free to leave them at the end of any post and I’d answer them.

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