How to say “Happy New Year” in Vietnamese

The way Vietnamese say “Happy New Year” is “Congrats (on) New Year”.

And here’s happy new year in Vietnamese: Chúc mừng năm mới.

And the mapping to English:

Vietnamese Chúc mừng năm mới
English Congrats year new

The phrase “new year” is translated to “năm mới” in Vietnamese because in Vietnamese, adjs are put after the nouns. You can review it here.

And a few notes about practical usage:

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Say day of the week in Vietnamese

Saying Day in Vietnamese

The Vietnamese word for day is ngày.

The very good news about learning how to say day of the week in Vietnamese is that, assuming you have gone through the lesson on how to say Vietnamese numbers, you have already known it!

As a recap, we have learned in that lesson on numbers that to say an ordinal number (1st, second, third, etc.), we simply add the word thứ in front of the number, with the exception of 1st being: thứ nhất.

Now, to say a day of the week in Vietnamese, we also use the same word thứ in front of a number!

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Vietnamese conjunctions and negations

We’ve gone through lessons on Vietnamese nouns, Adjectives then Verbs and Adverbs. Those are the most fundamental building blocks of any sentence. In this last lesson of our express course on Vietnamese Grammar, we’ll learn negation and conjunctions.


The way we Vietnamese saying no is also very similar to the English way. The equivalent of not is không in Vietnamese. To be specific, let’s consider the following example in which a verb is negated.

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Vietnamese Adverbs

This lesson introduces you to the most common usages of Vietnamese adverbs. As their primary role is to modify verbs and adjectives, this lesson on adverbs builds upon the knowledge of Vietnamese verbs and adjectives presented in previous lessons. It helps a lot if you read this lesson only after going through those lessons.

Position of Vietnamese adverbs

We’ll begin with 2 examples to demonstrate that the use of adverbs in Vietnamese is very similar to its English use.

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